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My name is Grégoire Menuel, and I'm applying to become a member of the JSF.

== History ==
I'm a 20 years old student, I study computer science and telecommunication. My school is located in Lyon, France, but I currently live in Karlsruhe, Germany, I'll be staying here for a year.

I use jabber for three years, and I'm an active member of the French-speaking jabber community [ JabberFR]

== Jabber related projects ==
=== Jabber servers administration ===
I'm currently administrating two Jabber servers :
* A small one for my school (~ 10 concurrent online users)
* The biggest french jabber server : []. This server is maintained by a team of administrator and have around one thousand concurrent online users.

=== Code ===
I haven't code much for jabber yet. The two main pieces of software I've worked on are :
* [ Neutron], a jabber bot, that I've enhanced for serving the purpose of JabberFR. It can for the moment send notification when a wiki page is changed (see this pages in french for more information : , some of the information may be slightly outdated).
* [ Mu-conference] : I've been lately submitting quite a lot of patches that improved this component, unfortunately I haven't got any news from the mu-conference developer.

I've also implemented the socks5 file transfer to the python XMPP library [], unfortunately my code have never been accepted. The modified version of is still available :

=== JabberFR===
I'm also one of the administrator of JabberFR, and I give lots of Jabber related advices both on the [ forum] and in the chatroom (

=== Plans for the future ===
I'd like to continue to improve mu-conference, and I may rewrite the JabberFR bot using the [ Twisted framework].

== Why I'm applying ==
For the moment I haven't be much involved in the JSF discussions, even if I follow the discussions on the Standards JID list. I'd like to be much more involved in the decisions about Jabber/XMPP.

== Contacts ==
* Mail : gregoire DOT menuel AT gmail DOT com
* JID : omega AT


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