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Sometimes it is not entirely clear how to approach certain scenarios when translating one "legacy" IM service (AIM/ICQ/MSN/etc) into XMPP. Here we will gather together knowledge of ways to handle such scenarios.

==Idle Time==

In many other IM protocols, there is a separate status of "idle time" that is not related to what your actual away/available/whatever status is. You can be away with an idle time of 5 minutes, or available with an idle time of 2 days. There may be a reason why the latter wants to be shown as available despite being idle so long. That said, simply making an idle time over X minutes turn into away is not a true representation of what the legacy IM service was indicating. As such, I was pointed at a way to indicate idle time using XEP-0108. The following is an example of how I might indicate idle time:

<iq type='set'
<pubsub xmlns=''>
<publish node='generic/juliet-activity'>
<item id='current'>
<activity xmlns=''>
<headers xmlns=''>
<header name='Start'>2005-03-17T19:00:00Z</header>

The start time here is when I -started- being idle. The client should then calculate the difference between "now" and this start time. That way there's no need to keep sending "i'm idle for 5 minutes", "i'm idle for 10 minutes" updates over and over again. Instead, I publish one "I'm idle since" and then I'm done until I no longer want to be idle.

Now how to make this a tad more practical? Probably something involving PEP. Will investigate this later.


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