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I'm Tomasz Sterna, and I'm applying for JSF Membership.

I'm a student at [ PJWSTK] and a head of [ Xiaoka group]. Oh, I also do some IT work for living.

== Code ==
I'm the [ author] of Perl SMS Transport and active developer of [ jabber-gg-transport] and [ WPJabber]. I've also contributed [ some code] to the Psi client, tlen-transport and jabberd2.

== Admin ==
I'm the administrator of the most popular public Polish Jabber server []. (A running proof of WPJabber power and effectivness.)

I'm known as a competent and friendly admin in the Polish Jabber Community and amongst "my" users.

== JEPs ==
I've been working on the [[XHTML Inband Images]] transfer protocol and I'm actively commenting on the JEPs I'm currently working with.

== Other activities ==
I'm active member of the [ JabberPL group] (Polish Jabber interest community). We are interested in cooperation for popularising Jabber/XMPP in Poland. It proved to be very effective.

I also spend much time helping casual users and Jabber beginners on the web forums and in direct conversation.

== Why? ==
I enjoy working with Jabber/XMPP very much. To the point, that it became one of the main interest points in my life. My goal is to use Jabber/XMPP to make my living.

JSF membership would give me more direct way to influence the ongoing progress of the protocol family and more through view on the whole Jabber community.


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