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== Links ==

*[ Piorun homepage]
*[ Novell DeveloperNet page]
*[ Original proposal]
*[ Blog]
*[ Final report]

== Description ==

Piorun (=lightning in Polish) is going to be a client for semi-advanced users,
somewhat resembling XChat or TKabber, written using C#/Mono/Gnome# and integrated
with Gnome desktop. Main goal is to provide comfortable interface for dealing with
many mult-user chats and large rosters, with good keyboard navigation. I also want to keep the code
clean and extensible.

== Implementation details ==

*Piorun uses own XMPP library based on TcpClient, using packet-level synchronization with GLib's main loop. Control flow can be safely interrupted in any place to update GUI, which makes application more responsive

*XMPP stanzas are wrapped into c# classes

*Contacts (described by Jabber ID's) are first-class objects, they alone send and receive stanzas and do many other things

== Summer of Code tasks ==

done are marked by [x], partially done by [?]

*[x] TLS/SASL (the most labour-consuming task)
*[x] privacy lists
*[x] multi-user chat (basic)
*[ ] service discovery
*[x] vCard
*[x] avatars (within vcard)
*[ ] IM-HTML
*[ ] file transfer
*[x] aspell support
*[ ] history browsing
*[x] all internal graphics in SVG format
*[ ] integration with Evolution address book
*[ ] history search through Beagle
*[ ] "now playing" feature with Muine
*[x] log window
*[x] logging to file
*[x] xml console
*[ ] better keyboard navigation

== About me ==

My name is Dominik Zablotny. I come from Poland, where I am living in small town Brodnica and
studying Computer Science at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun.
My programming experience includes: Borland's Pascal/Delphi/C++, GNU C and
Free Pascal, but my favourite tool is C#/Mono.

Contact information:

*Jabber Id:
*Mail: doza <!>


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