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= List of Project Ideas =
= List of Project Ideas =

Please add your ideas!
== Dino ==
''Website:'' https://dino.im/<br/>
''Source Code:'' https://github.com/dino<br/>
''Description:'': Dino is a modern open-source chat client for the desktop.<br/>
''Project Contact Person:'' [[User:Larma| Marvin W. (larma)]]<br/>
''Contact chat:'' [xmpp:chat@dino.im?join chat@dino.im]
=== Audio/Video Communication ===
''Brief explanation:'' Add support for Audio/Video Communication via Jingle.<br/>
''Involved Technologies:'' Vala, GTK+, GStreamer, WebRTC, Jingle<br/>
''Mentor(s):'' [[User:Larma| Marvin W. (larma)]], fiaxh<br/>
''Deliverables / Expected Results:''<br/>
* Audio and video encoding and transfer using standard-compliant Jingle sessions
* A user interface to start audio or video chats
The XMPP protocol includes a signaling system to set-up peer-to-peer connections, dubbed Jingle. Dino already supports Jingle for the purpose of file transfers. Another usecase for Jingle is to start an audio and/or video dual-link session. This project idea is about adding support for setting up such communication sessions as well as adding a basic user interface to do so. This project provides a lot of room for extensions like screen-sharing or encryption.
=== In-Band Real Time texting ===
''Brief explanation:'' Add support for In-Band Real Time texting.<br/>
''Involved Technologies:'' Vala, XMPP, GTK+<br/>
''Mentor(s):'' [[User:Larma| Marvin W. (larma)]], fiaxh<br/>
''Deliverables / Expected Results:''<br/>
* Allow users to exchange text as they type with other users and other compatible clients
* Performant input and output (UI rendering wise and network wise)
Real-time text is text transmitted instantly while it is being typed or created. The recipient can immediately read the sender's text as it is written, without waiting. It allows text to be used as conversationally as a telephone conversation, including in situations where speech is not practical (e.g., environments that must be quiet, environments too noisy to hear, restrictions on phone use, situations where speaking is a privacy or security concern, and/or when participant(s) are deaf or hard of hearing).

= How to add your project idea =
= How to add your project idea =


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