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On Wednesday january 30th 2019 there is an XMPP sprint in Bruxelles, Belgium.

The sprint is focused on design, ux and ui and will have a few people with design and front-end background joining.

Practically, the idea is to work on harmonizing terminology and ui across clients.

The wider aim is to work on making libre federated chat usable, secure and understandable for wider (non-dev) audiences. Part of this is thinking about (design) language to communicate what makes a federated ecosystem different.

Meeting will start Wednesday morning.

On Saturday the 1st of February (during FOSDEM) there is another meeting to work on implementations.

== Contact ==

Join us in the chatroom:

Also accessible via

== Venue ==

To be announced.

== Accommodation ==

Some people are staying in

== Agenda ==

Write down here your handle and what you're planning on working on.

== Attendees ==


== Notes ==

None yet.


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