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So you want to start developing something with the XMPP ecosystem, but don't know were to start? This page is here to help and guide you in your first steps



One of the major strength of XMPP, but also what is making it impressive and hard to start with in the beginning is the number of XEPs, or XMPP Extension Protocols.

You'll find a list of them here, but you probably want to start with the current compliance suite, which list the most important XEPs to implement for modern clients or servers.

Below is a quick explanation of the most importants ones:



This wiki contains design guidelines, its worth reading it when you start developing a client.

Libraries and tools

You'll find libraries for almost any language and platform you can think of, they are listed on this page

Finding help

Of course the first mean of communication when you start to work with the XMPP ecosystem is XMPP itself, mainly with MUC room. You can start with jdev chatroom (TODO: webclient link) which is the general room for developers. There is also an associated mailing list.

The second source is the MUC room of the libraries you are using or client/server you are extending, check the official website of them for more details.

When you'll start to go more deep in the protocols, you'll maybe want to go on XSF room (TODO: webclient link) and to subscribe to standards mailing list, that's were we speak about protocol itself, things to change or improve, or just ask questions.