Nathanael Fritz for Council 2009

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About Nathanael Fritz

I am an XMPP consultant with &yet, founder of NetFlint and Bridged Analytics, father, and XMPP enthusiast since around 2000. Working with XMPP has provided my family's income for the past few years, making me one of the few people that get to work on one of their favorite hobbies for a living.


My experience writing low level libraries and applying high level XMPP concepts to products and services would be a benefit to the Council, particularly in the application of non-IM related specs like Publish-Subscribe. On the Council, I would be able to contribute more to the community on a technical level which would motivate me to focus more on the test suite and XEP refinement.

The Next Council

XMPP's use has been growing exponentially, and I think it's important to notice that much of the growth has been outside of traditional IM. I believe the needs should drive the extension priority, and I see the needs being specifications that provide message queuing, job distribution, Publish-Subscribe edit locking and versioning, informational specs for http URI binding, and other distributed computing tasks that XMPP has been finding favor in lately. The last Council brought us a Draft status Jingle, and I think that work needs to be continued to bring Jingle File-Transfer. XMPP needs solid out-of-band file transfer not only for instant messaging, but also because it is important for cloud computing use cases.

This is not to say that these are the only tasks the Council will need to consider for the next term. Improvements to BOSH, cellular network and battery efficiency, incident reporting between federated admins, Muji (Multi-User Jingle), and others will all need to be considered.

Community Involvement

  • Author and maintainer of XMPPHP, a PHP library which powers and many other services.
  • Author and maintainer of SleekXMPP, a Python client/server library, used for all of the code examples in the O'Reilly Book, XMPP: The Definitive Guide.
  • Author and maintainer of Seesmic-AS3-XMPP, formerly TwhiX, a XMPP library for AS3/Flash 9+ which has proper TLS support and is XMPP 1.0 complaint.
  • I started and currently advise for SleekBot, a bot framework based on SleekXMPP.
  • I am a regular at the San Francisco XMPP User Group (even though I don't live in California) as well as regularly attend the XMPP Summits to work with the community.

Relevant Professional Experience

  • I am one of the few full-time consultants for XMPP and AMQP, which has provided me with experience in a wide array of XMPP applications.
  • I helped Seesmic deploy a large-scale Pubsub interface for it's users and peer services.
  • I have extensive project management experience which includes code architecture, people management, feature and bug management, and vision as CTO/Dev Lead at Bridged Analytics.
  • I have a lot of QA experience, which I believe to be particularly relevant to the Council.

Future Community Plans

  • Development of a test suite to test server/component compliance. We made some progress on this at the last Summit.
  • Continue to develop and support XMPPHP, SleekXMPP, and TwhiX.
  • XEP development.

Contact Information