Kurt Zeilenga Application 2010

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My name is Kurt Zeilenga and I'm re-applying for XSF membership.

Contact Information:



I've been developing Internet software for a couple of decades now. In 1998, I founded the OpenLDAP Project and served as its Chief Architect until 2007 when I decided it was time to do something new (to me). I continue to advise the project.

I've been active (less so now than I use to be) in the Internet Engineering Task Force since 1998, mostly in areas of Directory Services and Internet Security. I sit on various IETF directorates. I've authored/edited numerous RFCs and co-chaired the LDAP Revision (LDAPbis) and the Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL), the vCard and CardDAV working groups. (The first two WGs are now concluded. The last is now ran completely by the co-chair.)

I work full time for Isode Limited as a Software Developer.

XMPP Projects


I am currently developing edge processing capabilities (digital signatures, traffic scanning, etc.) in Isode's M-Link product.


I am the author of

* "Security Labels in XMPP" (XEP258),
* "Design Considerations for Digital Signatures in XMPP" (XEP274), and
* "(Encapsulating) Digital Signatures in XMPP" (XEP285).

I am currently writing "Encapsulated Digital Signature in XMPP" as an alternative to XEP 285 and other encapsulating signature approaches.

Plans for the future

Aside from publishing and then implementing "Encapsulated Digital Signature in XMPP", my general plan is continue to be active in pushing additional security features into XMPP, with a focus on more generally applicable features.

XMPP - Why I like it

I came to XMPP because I was interested in doing something new (to me) and I like it because I've found lots of interesting things to do.

Why I'm re-applying

I am re-applying for XSF membership as I'd like to continue to help guide the organization behind XMPP standardization. I very much like the open community approach to XMPP standardization.