Jehan Pagès Application 2008

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My name is Jehan and I'm applying for the first time at JSF membership.


I am 26. I live in Paris (France) and work as a Support engineer.

I work on computer not because I consider it as the last great thing which will change our life. Anyway It is too late, it has already changed our lives, and I am still not sure if it is for the good... I simply like computer, programmation and globally the whole development process, more like some art (I really consider computer science as Art, at least a part of computer science. Art and technics have been close in all human history anyway), but also fun. For me, this is fun and artistic to make algorithms then implement them. But this does not mean I am not serious about this all! At the opposite, I think fun is the most important (or one of) thing in life! And all form of Arts too. Thus I am really serious about all this, and serious about having fun.

With such spirit, I really discovered computer science not long ago, the same moment I discovered Free Software. Then I became an exclusive user of Free Software, then a contributor (I inform of bugs if I discover one, sometimes I even patch them if I have time/skills, I happened to translate part of softwares to French, I made some documentations, etc.) and I ended in aknowledging existence of Jabber. At first, I was a simple user, then I very recently began to get interested in its functionning and all what could be done with it, not only as a communication mean, but also for all its other possibilities. Moreover the fact that it is decentralized and independant from any company is a point I like, because it is the first time instant messaging has been considered as a real tool (like is email), and not like some kind of community or socializing system. This appears more natural to me and I use indeed Jabber this way: as a good tool.

Jabber/XMPP involvement


  • Jabber Feed is a plugin for Wordpress automatically feeding Pubsub nodes with comments, posts, etc. and which provides other related features (like templates for creating xmpp PubSub links, autodiscovery links, etc.).
  • I happened to discover and aknowledge bugs in softwares dealing with Jabber, the most recent being ejabberd where I have created several bugs ticket in their tracking system (about their pubsub implementation). If someday I have time to look in the code, I was thinking about maybe helping to debug but this is not my priority for now.
  • I am working on another project dealing with XMPP which implies some kind of generic XMPP engine. More information soon but -- if I can get this to a finalization -- this should lead to several other projects I had for some time now (and which will use this framework as a base).
  • As a matter of fact, the parts which interest me particularly on short term (for the current projects) deals mostly with PubSub or derivated works. I am also interested a lot about the collaborative fun/work processes (like dashboard, but also other stuffs).

XMPP protocol and community participation

I am participating in the XMPP community, though am not especially visible. One reason was that I really don't like mailing lists, hence I subscribed sometimes to the xmmp lists, but always unsubscribed soon after and ended not reading at all the tons of incoming emails. Fortunately thanks to the recent creation of the Jabber Forum, I got the opportunity to participate with more freedom.

Also I try to give my opinion on subjects about XMPP and XEP when I have one and am currently writing (or plan to) some proposition about some XEP.

Why I'm applying?

Because I am having fun with XMPP. And I already told you how much fun is important to me. Also because I think XMPP is a very great tool and that I may be able to bring something to it by participating. So if I can be an useful part (even small!) of this whole process, then my application is worthing it.


You can contact me either by email or IM. Both addresses are my name (Jehan) hosted at