Georg Lukas Application 2015

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  • Full Name: Georg Lukas (this is not a joke, seriously!)
  • Jabber ID: (nickname Ge0rG)
  • E-Mail: (technically also a JID, but please use the former)
  • Job: IT-Security consultant at GmbH

About me

I'm a Ph.D. (wrote my thesis about wireless mesh routing protocols), the guy writing lengthy blog rants about how broken XMPP is, the lead developer janitor of yaxim (and its cute sibling Bruno), and the sysop of the XMPP server.

I'm applying because I have a strong interest in making XMPP usable in mobile / multi-client situations, and I like heated debates about topics like:

  • Carbons
  • MUC (especially Multi-Session Nicks, maybe soon also MUC2)
  • end-to-end encryption and authentication
  • Client-State Indications
  • globally unique message IDs
  • client and server design for optimal UX