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About Me

I've been involved with the XMPP world since September 2003. Initially working in the Smack client library and then in the Openfire server. Having implemented tens of XEPs both on the client and server side I helped reviewing and giving feedback. I also put a lot of interest in QA and as a result of that I implemented a large number of automated test cases. These test cases were used in the Interop Event to test compatibility of servers. BTW, I'm a XSF member since Q4 / 2005.

Current Projects

I'm currently in charged of the RTC area at Jive Software. That includes the following products/projects:
SparkWeb - New generation of the popular Spark client but web based (and in the future desktop based too)
Openfire - One of the most popular XMPP servers. :)
Smack - XMPP client library
Whack - External components library

Why I'm Reapplying

I would like to contribute and help define the shape that XMPP will have in the future. I'm highly interested in collaboration where I see XMPP plays a big role (e.g. spaces+communication channels, shared spaces, etc.), scalability (e.g. Connection Managers, distributed load for instance in MUC, etc.) and taking PEP to the next level.


If you have questions or comments, ping me via email (gaston at jivesoftware dot com) or XMPP at (gato at jivesoftware dot com)