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Translations of the newsletter in French

This page explains the process applied to translate the newsletter.



The French translation is published on LinuxFR, which is a known and common place for free software advocates in France. A copy of the translation is also present on JabberFr


The main translator is Adrien Bourmault (neox).

Everybody can contribute to this translation via LinuxFR (account creation required).


  • neox translates the whole newsletter in a first time and posts the translation alongside the original text blocks on the LinuxFR website writing platform;
  • Everyone can contribute on LinuxFR ;

[...] (at least 7 days delay)

  • neox reviews all contributions, checking that they are still in the same spirit as the original, and if necessary leaves comments to improve some contributions;

[...] (maximum delay of 3 days)

  • neox submits the translation to LinuxFR moderation (where it will be corrected one last time by the moderators if necessary);
  • as soon as it is published, neox propagates the translation to ;
  • neox sends the markdown file to the CommTeam chat room.