Florian Jensen for Board 2009

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Who am I?

So, for those who don't know me, I'm Florian (who would've guessed). I'm the Co-Founder of Flosoft.biz where I am currently the CTO, and Founder of OpenUni Networks Ltd. where I currently am the CEO. In my spare time, I attend most of the Management and CompSci lectures at Royal Holloway, University of London, to get my Bachelor some day.

In short: I love being an entrepreneur.

My XMPP / XSF History

Back in 2004, I was playing around with Linux and was looking for an alternative to MSN. I quickly realized the power of XMPP and launched my first public XMPP server. Fascinated by this, I tried to get more and more involved in XMPP. I joined the XSF in 2007 and been a member since.

Over time, I've helped out managing the infrastructure, launched a few XMPP related sites (i.e. jabberforum.org) and held a talk about large scale XMPP systems at the XMPP Summit #6.

Why I'm standing

Being a horrible programmer, I would like to contribute more to the XSF by organizing events, promoting XMPP and raise funds for the XSF.

Having helped out organizing the XSF Dinner in February 2009, where I raised 1875 which resulted in a free dinner for all the participants. This is where I realized I'd like to do more.

I think my young entrepreneurial spirit and ideas will be a great addition to the XSF Board.

Contact Info

You can of course always contact me.

XMPP: xmpp:admin@im.flosoft.biz

Mail: mailto:florian@florianjensen.com