Florian Jensen Application 2011

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I am the Co-Founder of Flosoft.biz and nowadays responsible for the technical and development side – and XMPP of course.


I have been using and deploying Jabber since 2004, and been XSF Member for 4 years now.

Activities and their future

I am a big fan of the XMPP technology, and currently help out the XSF maintaining the infrastructure. I attended the last 4 XMPP Summits in Brussels and plan to do the same next year. Currently I'm working on Jabber.me, a public XMPP server that hopes to offer a great public server, with some more developer centered tools.

I am also currently serving on the XSF Board.

Of course I am always open for new ideas, and happy to help where I can. Just like everyone here, I am very interested in the further development of Jabber. As I'm not that much of a coder, I try to promote XMPP as much as I can and wherever I can, with as aim to let XMPP be the glue for anything.


Feel free to contact me anytime via Jabber: admin@im.flosoft.biz