Edwin Mons Application 2020

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My name is Edwin Mons (intosi, xsf?edwinm.ik.nu), I work for Isode Ltd, and I'm applying to retain my XSF membership.

Current Job

I work on the M-Link XMPP team, which means that besides working on M-Link, I occasionally dabble with Swift and Swiften code as well.


I got interested in Jabber via Ralph very early on, but only decided to enter the (then) JSF in 2004, after a few people asked me why I was manning a Jabber Software Foundation booth at FOSDEM while I was no JSF member at all. A little while later, I started meddling with the XSF servers.

Side Jabber/XMPP Projects

These days, mostly the infrastructure team (iteam), ever since it was started umpteen years ago. Who knew that besides working on XMPP full-time, and doing server admin in your spare time, you'd have little time for anything else?

Why I'm reapplying

I would like to again keep doing iteam stuff, and be involved with other XSF things from time to time. Also like to help out with another FOSDEM and Summit, if such things will exist the coming year.