Edwin Mons Application 2006

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My name is Edwin Mons and I'm applying to retain my JSF membership.


I'm currently working as a server architect for iRex Technologies. I got interrested in Jabber via Ralph very early on, but only decided to enter the JSF in 2004, after a few people asked me why I was manning a Jabber Software Foundation booth at FOSDEM while I was no JSF member at all ;)

Jabber/XMPP Projects

In my dayjob, I'm introducing as much Jabber/XMPP as possible. Currently I'm working on an XMPP-based data synchronization tool. In private projects, I try to use as much jabber-related techniques as well. Nothing too exiting, just plain notification of changes and/or database mutations.

Plans for the future

Getting more involved in the JEP/standards track. Helping Ralphm with idavoll since I'm an avid user of pubsub nowadays. And ofcourse I'll be entertaining the people at FOSDEM next year at the JSF booth, if you're all willing to let me do it again.

Apart from that, I'm advocating Jabber to everyone who dares to talk to me using proprietary protocols. But then again, who around the JSF isn't?

Jabber - Why I like it

This is really not a question that needs to be asked :) Jabber enables me to do a lot of things in a standardized way, while before I had to use a lot of proprietary protocols to do the same.

Why I'm reapplying

I really like the JSF, and I feel it's important to have such a body for Jabber. While I've been less active on the Jabber front last year due to job-changes, I managed to enter Jabber in my main work, and as such I feel I can contribute from a technical business point of view, as well.