Edward Maurer Application 2023

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I am Edward Maurer and usually know as emus or echolon.

Hereby I am re-applying for membership in the XSF from 2023!

About Me

Currently I am working in the wind power industry and automation** which, unfortunately, is not related to XMPP - at least not yet! :D In general, I am an engineer for Energy and Environmental Engineering located in Hamburg (Germany).

Since 2016, I use XMPP as my main communication technology. Currently, being member of the XSF Board 2023 and also the XSF Communication Team, I have redacted and released (with the help of many great contributors!) more than 30 publications of the XMPP Newsletter since 2020.

  • 2023:
    • Extract from my XSF Board application:
      • Do my very best at being Board member the first time!
      • Run a survey within the XSF but possibly also within the community to better understand needs and possible improvements
      • Improve the team setups for especially editorial and infrastructure work, if required with our budget
      • Continue my work in the Communication Team (Hell yeah, we still need your support!)
      • Continue to run another round of Google Summer of Code (2023) XSF organization admin
    • Additionally, I will be at FOSDEM 2023 and in general advocate for XMPP as technology where I can!
    • Continuing my support and work on the XMPP Providers project.
  • 2022:
    • Of course, I plan to continue the work on the XMPP Newsletter but also improve on the XMPP Office Hours and also offer invite professionals to take their chance and have their say. When YOU are reading this feel welcome to sign up, too!
    • The Google Summer of Code 2022 is in preparations: I will be the XSF organization admin, apply and if accepted continue the event for the XSF. Let's see if I finally find time for some more general communication on XMPP as a community, protocol and solution. Your ideas welcome!
    • Continuing my support on the XMPP Providers project, too!
  • 2021:
    • I wrote the blog post Instant messaging: It's not about the app, 21st January 2021.
    • The XMPP Newsletter has established quite good in the community, the Fosstodon account has double their followers. I furthermore organized several new continuous translations for the XMPP Newsletter.
      • Apart from this, I am really really happy that Daniel Brötzmann aka wurstsalat has joined the CommTeam on my suggestion and since then has done a tremendous amount and good work to the newsletter but even more important to our XSF Website - at this spot I want to say thanks to his great effort!
    • Last but not least, melvin and I progressed significantly on the XMPP Providers project which is being hosted at XSF since this year.
    • Finally, I have not yet finished but started with the organizational chart for the XSF.

Moreover, I try to help improving the communication in the XSF and XMPP in general. I also support some clients such as Monal and some server operators as well as general community support (see my motivation).


Bridging XMPP with <3

In general, I see myself as a bridge - I try to connect and let potential thrive between the islands.

Furthermore, I recommend to read my article on the XMPP Vision and the blog article I wrote, if you are further interested in the way I personally act and think. Last but not least I have a strong opinion on having more centralized and streamlined communication paths, overviews and doing extra efforts because I believe it is a requirement in a decentralized system.


Still most people condense their digital life into closed and proprietary software and databases. In terms of communication, XMPP is, with its decentralized, open, modular and last but not least standardized setup, the right choice and technology for the upcoming challenges and threats to our still ongoing digital transformation and turnaround. It might be not the easiest choice of technology, however it is the right one in my opinion. I think many brilliant people are in this network and we should build on this community!

Blog posts


  • Previously involvement German and Spanish translation of the monthly XMPP Newsletter.
  • Support in the On-boarding of XMPP newcomers for the client Kaidan. Currently, we expand it to a more general setup. Hereby we are trying and testing to define general soft and hard criteria for servers which are sufficient for very new people within XMPP. This already lead to significant service improvement of some selected servers. (Before you get angry with this for some reason - we are still trying and of course trying to get this as generic as possible!)
  • Feedback and improvement suggestions to different clients and services as well as supporting developers with communication and organizational support.
  • In 2018 and 2019 I attended to XMPP Meetups in Hamburg and a Sprint in Berlin.
  • Application for XSF Member in 2020
  • Application for XSF Member in 2021


Email: emus (ett) mailbox (tod) org

XMPP: emus (ett) jabbers (tod) one

** I prefer to keep this private from public, however, the XSF secretary is informed and has been fine with this. I am offering to everyone, if that is absolutely important to vote, to tell the employer privately. Feel free to contact me.