David Banes for Board 2009

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I have many years experience in IT starting in the UK before moving to North America and then Australia. I'm responsible for my company (Cleartext) strategy, planning and overseeing the services we offer from technology to sales and marketing.

Our current product development is building a new class of managed service that we've called Enterprise Social Messaging (ESM) which is an XMPP platform for business messaging. Similar to a managed email security service.

I write about XMPP whenever I get the chance, on my blog or for print publications, for example;

IDM NovDec 08 XMPP

IDM MayJune 09 Google Wave

My blog is here and I've held positions at, in reverse chronological order;

  • Cleartext, Co-Founder and CEO/Managing Director
  • MessageLabs Asia Pacific (Technical Director, Media Spokesperson & Public Speaker, Member of Global Strategy Group)
  • Symantec Asia Pacific (Regional Manager Security Response, Media Spokesperson)
  • Cool Bananas Ventures (Managing Director, Web and Software developer)
  • Loadplan Australia (Marketing Manager)
  • Dr Solomons Anti-Virus (Now McAfee)(VP Operations & Customer Service North America, Global Head of Product Management, Product Manager Dr Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit, Manager R&D, Technical Support Manager)

I'm serving a third term as a Director, Secretary and Member of the Board at the Internet Industry Association (IIA). I've been actively involved in task forces working on the National Anti-Spam Initiative, National Authentication Initiative. I'm also a Vice President of AVAR.

I was co-author of CipherIM, a secure IM product in the late 90's. I was asked to write the forward for the Syngress book 'Configuring Symantec AntiVirus, Corporate Edition' (ISBN 1-931836-81-7) in 2003.

Why I'm standing

I have been in and around the XMPP scene since it started in 1999 and an active proponent for Jabber/XMPP within businesses and organisations I work with. Cleartext represented Jive Softwares OpenFire and Jabber Inc in Australia since 2005.

Since 2005 I've been running my own MSP and SaaS business which uses all my skills, technical, sales, marketing, product management and operational. I'm proud to say that Cleartext is profitable and debt free.

In short I cover the breadth of technical issues that the XMPP Foundation will come across and bring business skills to the Board which I hope to use to help move the Foundation on to become a technology lobby group in parallel to its current technical standards focus.

I believe XMPP needs this to accelerate the standards adoption in mainstream IT communication and collaboration systems.

Other interests