Daniel Gultsch for Council 2017

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My name is Daniel. I'm self employed and work almost full time on XMPP related things. Primarily I work on an Android client called Conversations but also run an XMPP hosting service with the same name.

I am a current council member running again for 2017. This will be my second term on the council.


I haven’t written a lot of XEPs myself but I helped clean up the wording or made other small improvements to other XEPs (see my commit histroy on the XEP repo).

Looking into the future I'm currently most interested in XEPs that make (re)connections faster. Instant Stream Resumption is one of them. But we will also need to optimize the initial login/discovery process.


Since council doesn’t actually write XEPs the question on how I'm going to vote on other XEPs is more important than the question on what topics I'm personally interested in.

On one hand I'm not afraid of getting rid of old things that are doing more harm than good (Remote Controlling Clients, XHTML-IM) or have been replaced by newer things (Message Archiving) on the other hand I try to avoid reinventing the wheel over and over again. Once we have a concept that is working and widely deployed I'd rather fix or improve that existing concept than to throw everything over board and start over.

I appreciate XEPs that offer a very clean and simple solution for 90% of use cases rather than becoming very complex in an attempt to cover every niche use case out there.

I'm driven by results and code. Show me that your XEP is deployed and working quit well for the majority of your users and I much rather vote for your XEP than having to read through hypothetical arguments.