Dan Caseley Application 2022

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Affiliations & Projects

  • Openfire contributor (as well as small contributions to other Ignite Realtime XMPP components)
  • My current employer (Peppy Health) work with chat, but not XMPP. Hoping for change though...
  • Surevine contractor, doing various XMPP-integrated projects


A year ago, Guus said it'd be a good idea to quit playing at the edges and to get more involved with XSF. Since then, I've lurked in the XSF chat, read the smart things people say, and said very very little. A year ago, I was confident in my ability to offer strong contributions, and now I know how much I still don't know.

I continue to offer code, CI, maintainance and occassionally some advice from time working with security-focussed organisations as part of my contribution to Openfire. I've learned that most problems are solved by re-reading XEP-0045 or XEP-0060. Where I hope to build to courage to contribute anything material in my next year with the XSF beyond conversation and consideration, I'd like it to be around those documents, either directly, in the form of examples, or in ancilliary written work.