Chris Christou for Board 2011

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I currently work for Booz Allen Hamilton and am running for XSF Board of Directors


I currently work at Booz Allen Hamilton, where we provide engineering and consulting services to our U.S. Government, International, and Commercial clients. We support several IM/Chat related architectural, standards development, and deployment efforts for multiple Government agencies, who rely on messaging to support mission-critical activities. Several of our clients have mandated the use of XMPP as the standard to interoperate/federate between IM/Chat systems. As a result, we have evaluated and worked with several XMPP products to determine if they meet our clients’ needs. We also participate in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), where we have authored and reviewed standards related to IP routing, MPLS, IPv6, and emergency communications. Because of this experience, I hope to provide a unique, fresh perspective to the XSF.


Help shape emerging XMPP standards to ensure they meet our clients’ needs, in particular those related to deployed/tactical communications, security, and mission-critical requirements.

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