Ashley Roach for Board 2011

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I am Ashley Roach and I'm applying to be a member of the XMPP Board


I have been involved with XMPP since I joined Jabber, Inc. back in 2003 and stayed through Oct 2006. I joined as a Product Marketing Manager, and eventually was the Product Manager for the commercial Jabber XCP and JabberNow products. I've been at two startups, Jabber, Inc. and NewsGator. Currently, I work at Cisco Systems on XMPP-related products.

While I have primarily a formal business education, I've done programming in C# / WCF, Rails, Java, and Objective-C (iPhone).

XMPP-Related Work

  • Product Manager for Jabber XCP and JabberNow products at Jabber, Inc.
  • Prototypes and examples leveraging XMPP typically for internal audiences
  • Product Manager for aspects of the Jabber XCP system at Cisco Systems
  • I ran the XMPP server at NewsGator.  :)

Future Goals

  • Help the XSF's marketing goals

Contact Info