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Contact Information

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I've been contributing to the free software community for the past 20 years.

Today I maintain several software projects working with Python and XMPP.


I maintain a large number of freely licensed XMPP packages, notably;

  • mod_xmpp, an XMPP over WebSocket module for Apache HTTPd
  • LightMelody, an modern replacement for Loudmouth XMPP library using GObject/GIO
  • NodeTree, an XML data binding package for Python which supports XMPP stream processing

Over the last year I've done an increasing amount of WebRTC and mobile networking work.


  • Lead for Python XML-SIG
  • Mentor students working on XMPP-related projects
  • Present on XMPP (lightning talks, poster sessions, workshops, etc)

Why I want to renew my membership

I'd like to continue to serve the XSF community.