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Contact Information

  • node: arcriley
  • domain:


I've been contributing to the free software community for the past 14 years, my earliest involvement was running the #Redhat help channel on Undernet and various network management scripts.

Today I'm an active member of the Ubuntu project, a frequent volunteer in the Python community, and co-founder of the Copyleft Games Group.


  • Maintainer of three copyleft projects that work with XMPP;
    • PySoy, a copyleft 3d game engine. The engine's included networking support is being based around XMPP for player chat and server discovering, Jingle ICE-UDP for network games.
    • Concordance, an in-development XMPP service framework for Python 3.0
    • Freeform 2, an XMPP/BOSH-based webapp framework and CMS for Python 3.0 being developed along with Concordance
  • Has presented and promoted XMPP within the Python community (recent example)
  • Heavily advocates XMPP's use in games and is working on a spec for out-of-band server advertising based on pubsub and MUC

Future Plans

For the Copyleft Games Group (which PySoy is part of), I'm working on a spec for out-of-band gaming via XMPP/Jingle. I want to leverage compatibility and open, patent-clear standards against the proprietary, closed gaming networks run by Microsoft, Sony, and TeamSpeak. XMPP can already provide a shared "friends list" between games and desktop IM and, with Jingle's ICE negotiation, allowing players to host game servers behind a NAT firewall (a rare feature even with modern games).

For the above mentioned projects and various other groups I'm involved with including GNHLUG, new england's layer 2 network cooperative, and the Apogean Church, I plan to finish upgrading my Freeform CMS to bridge the gap between XMPP and the web. Part of this will include a Firefox extension for Atom feeds via XMPP pubsub, polishing Jack Moffit's strophejs, and adding XEP-0050 support to Gajim.

Why I want to join

Because more than one person has asked me why I haven't yet. Membership or lack thereof has no effect on the work I do or the degree to which I contribute to XEPs in the future.