Anu Pokharel Application 2018

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I am Anu Pokharel, I develop the the open source Monal client for iOS and OSX. I live in Boston and I am an engineer at Salesforce (this is for disclosure purposes only. I am not here in any official capacity). Professionally, I develop mobile messaging software, primarily related to the SMS,MMS and short code networks.

I initially became involved with XMPP in 2008 because I needed a faster way to communicate on my iPhone 3G. I chose to use XMPP because in the US, while sms was not free, unlimited data was. This allowed me and others circumvent arbitrary restrictions placed on us by cell carriers. The initial motivation for Monal was a simple, free, quick app that people could use to communicate over google talk without having to give credentials over to a client that operated with a middle man server. Most of my focus recently with XMPP has been to improve usability for regular, non technical users.

This is my first year applying. While I have generally worked in isolation until recently, I have been in regular contact with developers of other XMPP software over the years. I like where recent XEPs are taking things and I hope help modernize xmpp. Particularly to make it more mobile friendly because I believe that is how most people will use it.

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