Aaron Axelsen Application 2012

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I am Aaron Axelsen and I am reapplying for XSF Membership. I am also an Instructional Media & Technology Specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, I have currently been running a jabber server which is rapidly being used in classes and other areas across campus. We also have developed a custom app to allow users to view group chat log files via user login.

I am also the founder of Thirsty Lemur Consulting where we are great supporters of the open source community and actively use jabber and come up with ideas to promote it's use to others.


I have been a regular contributor to the open source community for the last 11-112years. I contributed several SourceForge projects in different areas. I am also very active in php/perl web development, and perl and unix shell scripting. I contributed jabber installation documentation and worked with startup scripts. I also worked along with other transport developer's debugging code and repairing glitches.

More information on my projects and other projects i've contributed towards can be found on my website: http://aaron.axelsen.us


I am reapplying for a JSF membership because I use it everyday It has great potential to be better than it already is. I would enjoy offering input involved with jabber implementation in a University environment, along with additional features to further improve the jabber instant messaging system. I am willing and able to offer feedback to developers to aid them in enhancing their final product.